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Tournament Results


We want to congratulate all the NEBC Juniors that participated in this last two months nationally ranked junior tournaments. Our hard work and dedication had paid off!

We are very proud of them for their participation and their success at these tournaments! Thank you for your representation of Northeast Badminton Club and we want to thank great coaching team!

Here are what we took home:

2019 ClearOne Junior Open (Orlando Jan 19/20/21)

GS U11 – 1st Micah Cruz
GD U11 – 1st Micah Cruz
GD U15 – 2nd Carolyn Zeng
GS U17 – 2nd Evelyn Zeng
GD U17 – 2nd Evelyn Zeng
BS U17 – 3rd Andrew Yuan
BD U17 – 3rd Andrew Yuan
BS U19 – 2nd Andrew Zhang
GD U19 – 2nd Kristen Choi
BD U19 – 1st Andrew Zhang, 2nd Nathan He
XD U19 – 2nd Kristen Choi

2019 MassBad Junior tournament (Boston Jan 4/5/6)

GS U11 – 1st Micah Cruz, 3rd Qiyi Yang
GD U11 – 1st Micah Cruz
XD U11 – 1st Micah Cruz
BS U13 – 2nd Matthew Lei
BD U13 – 1st Matthew Lei
XD U13 – 3rd Matthew Lei
GS U15 – 1st Carolyn Zeng, 4th Mikayla Cruz
GD U15 – 1st Mikayla Cruz, 3rd Carolyn Zeng
BD U15 – 2nd Lukas Chang
XD U15 – 1st Mikayla Cruz, 2nd Carolyn Zeng, 3rd Lukas Chang
GS U17 – 2nd Evelyn Zeng
BS U17 – 1st Andrew Yuan, 3rd place Jason Zhan
GD U17 – 2nd Evelyn Zeng, 3rd Allison Ng, 4th Helena He
BD U17 – 1st Jason Zhan, 2nd Andrew Yuan, 3rd Richard Wang
XD U17 – 2nd Andrew Yuan
BS U19 – 4th Oscar Yao
BD U19 – 3rd Andrew Zhang, 4th Nathan & Oscar Yao
XD U19 – 2nd Kristen Choi, 3rd Andrew Zhang


GS U11 – 1st Elizabeth Chen, 2nd Sophia Wu
GD U11 – 3rd Elizabeth Chen & Sophia Wu, 4th Kelly Vance
GS U13 – 2nd Valerie Xian, 4th Kelly Vance
BS U13 – 1st Surya llamurugu, 3rd Matthew Lei, 4th Chris Wu
BD U13 – 1st Matthew Lei, 2nd Surya llamurugu & Chris Wu
XD U13 – 1st Matthew Lei
GS U15 – 4th Lisa Vance
GD U15 – 2nd Lisa Vance & Valerie Xian
XD U15 – 4th Surya llamurugu & Lisa Vance

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September 2, 2019 - Close for Labor Day

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