2017 NJBC Open Regional Championships

NEBC junior players participated in the biggest regional tournament this past weekend (10/7-10/9). All our juniors put up a good fight competing players from all over the country while enjoying the friendship off court. The hard work by young players and coaches are paid off with over 20 medals. Well done, team NEBC!


  • Matthew Lei, 1st BD U11, 4th BS U11, 1st consolation XD U11
  • Rachel Jiang, 3rd GD U11
  • Ian Yip, 5th BD U11, 1st consolation BS U11
  • Samuel Li, 1st BS U13, 2nd BD U13, 4th XD 15
  • Lukas Chang, 1st BD U13, 3rd XD U13
  • Mikayla Cruz, 4th XD U13, 4th GS U13, 4th GD U13
  • Andrew Yuan, 1st BD U15, 2nd BS U15, 2nd XD U15
  • Carolyn Zeng, 4th GS U15, 4th XD U15, 1st consolation GD U15
  • Andrew Zhang, 1st BS U17, 1st BD U17, 1st XD U17
  • Evelyn Zeng, 1st GS U17, 1st XD U17, 2nd GD U17
  • Nathan He, 2nd BD U17, 3rd BS U17, 3rd XD U17
  • Kristen Choi, 5th GD U17, 5th XD U17
  • Raymond Chen, 3rd BD U19, 3rd XD U19
  • Ally Jin, 3rd GD U19, 3rd XD U19
  • Oscar Yao,  4th BD U19, 1st consolation BS U19